PreITV Review

In Esteller Import we put it that easy

At Volkswagen-Audi Service we know that passing the ITV can be a bit of a concern. For this reason, and with the aim of ensuring that your car will successfully pass the test, we provide you with a pre-ITV pre-review. That way you will not have to worry about anything.

In the pre-ITV we will analyze the same control points that your vehicle must overcome in the official ITV.

Exterior fittings

  • Documentation Review
  • Status of license plates
  • Rear view mirrors
  • Wipers
  • Mudguard

Visual inspection of the body

  • Verification of cabin status
  • Doors, windows, windscreens, windows
  • Footsteps and wheels
  • Floors and basses, stirrups and handles
  • Bumpers and other external elements

State of signaling

  • Checking the indicators, brake lights and stop
  • Fault signaling, reversing lights, reflective lights and horn

Recognition of lighting

  • We test and regulate the distance of the road and crossing lights
  • Ordinary lighting, fog and rear license plate
  • Distances light beams

Efficiency of the brakes

  • We evaluate the whole circuit, as well as the organs that intervene in the braking equipment

Operation of the steering system

  • Management control analysis
  • Ball bearing gap detection
  • Alignment of wheels, steering wheel and steering column
  • Ball joints and joints
  • Steering and steering damper

Location of the axles and suspension

  • Control of front and rear axles, bearings, wheels, tires (and spare wheel)
  • Verification of the suspension

State of the frame, engine and transmission

  • Inspection of the chassis, gearbox
  • Fuel tank
  • Exhaust pipe, emission of polluting gases, noise level
  • Electrical installation and battery status
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