Air conditioning review

The well-being on board a car depends, to a great extent, on the hygiene and comfort it provides. We fully enjoy driving when we feel comfortable at the wheel.

To keep your vehicle's cabin in perfect condition, we recommend that you check annually the cooling capacity of the air conditioning system, as well as the optimum filter conditions. In this way, avoid allergies and pollution in the air of the passenger compartment.

There are two types of filters for the interior compartment: filters dust and pollen and filtros combined active carbon. The former are composed of a prefilter that removes large particles of dirt and a layer of microfibres that retains particles that can be absorbed by the lungs. In contrast, activated carbon filters are composed of three layers: the prefilter that removes the largest particles, the microfiber layer that prevents certain substances from reaching the lungs and the active carbon layer, which filters the gases and odors unpleasant

On the other hand, the main function of air filters is to provide a higher quality air to the engine to provide a perfect operation to your vehicle. To achieve the maximum performance of this filter, a large surface is necessary. This requires developing a precise and reliable folding technique and filter geometry. A high filter resistance is essential, that's why we recommend Volkswagen-Audi Original Air Filters

Go to Esteller Import SL, your Official Service Volkswagen-Audi to review annually the condition of the air conditioning system of your vehicle.

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