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At the wheel of a Volkswagen-Audi, there is only room for perfection

The most exciting thing about having a Volkswagen-Audi is to feel the perfection of its design and the most advanced technology. A feeling that only Volkswagen-Audi Genuine Parts can provide. Exclusive parts for your vehicle that create the precise safety gear, comfort and power.

This sophisticated mechanism consists of Volkswagen-Audi parts designed expressly for your vehicle. So that your Volkswagen-Audi can offer you the best experiences on the road, you have at your disposal the original Volkswagen-Audi spare parts exclusively designed for your vehicle, capable of adjusting millimetrically to the gear of your Volkswagen-Audi, offering the highest quality.

Furthermore, Esteller Import SL its Official Service Volkswagen-Audi, we have specialists exclusively trained to work on your vehicle and always keep it perfect. These professionals are constantly receiving specific training on new models and new technologies to adapt perfectly to the precise gear of your Volkswagen-Audi.


The shock absorbers are subjected to a wear that often goes unnoticed and systems as important for their safety as ABS and ESP can be compromised. To avoid risks, this deterioration can be identified by detecting the following situations:

  • Longer braking distance.
  • Less grip on the firm.
  • Less cornering stability.
  • Limited address security.

At Volkswagen-Audi we know that your safety is the most important, that's why we have created the original Volkswagen-Audi Shock Absorbers, which guarantee steering safety like the first day.


Inside the hydraulic telescopic shock absorber, a piston passing inside a piston rod in a cylinder filled with oil / gas moves from top to bottom whenever the vehicle sinks or bounces. The higher the frequency of the vibrations of the body and the suspension of the wheels that act on the shock absorbers the greater the speed of movement of the piston. This increases the resistance to oil flow, producing the damping effect.


  • They are specially adapted to all Volkswagen-Audi models and engines
  • They are developed with the highest technological level.
  • They give maximum comfort while driving.
  • They achieve the optimum degree of adaptation with the other components of the undercarriage.
  • They have excellent firm grip characteristics, high steering safety and excellent cornering stability.

Starter battery

Batteries are one of the most important elements of energy sources due to the constant increase of electronic elements of comfort and control, which exist in vehicles for greater comfort and safety.


The battery acquires more and more importance in a vehicle because, in addition to starting the engine, it stores and provides electric power to the entire onboard network. In vehicles with battery power management systems, this system must be adjusted to the new battery. Original Volkswagen-Audi Starter Batteries have an immediate operational capability.


  • They provide enough power to start the vehicle even at low temperatures.
  • They have great reliability in summer due to their low water consumption.
  • They can be used immediately.

Interior filters

Filters of dust and pollen


It consists of a prefilter that removes large particles of dirt, and a layer of microfibres, which retains particles that can be absorbed by the lungs.


  • The air conditioning and heating system works even in tunnels and traffic jams.
  • They diminish the fogging of the moons.
  • They filter practically the 100% of all the harmful impurities: soot, industrial dust, etc.
  • Allergic people travel calm: avoid the passage of pollen, spores, etc.

Active carbon filter


It consists of three layers: the pre-filter that removes larger particles, microfiber layer that prevents certain substances from reaching the lungs and activated carbon filtering gases and unpleasant odors.

The larger the filtering surface, the greater the filter performance. In addition this filter offers a great resistance to the wear (extreme temperatures, humidity, chemical substances, etc) and consequently increases its useful life.


  • Ozone, harmful to the human body, becomes oxygen.
  • It works in tunnels and traffic jams.
  • Less fogging of the moons.
  • The 100% of harmful impurities, such as soot, is virtually filtered.
  • It is antiallergenic.
  • The carbon layer absorbs unpleasant odors and polluting gases.

Air filters

This type of filters provide a higher quality air to the engine to provide a perfect operation to your Volkswagen-Audi. Its function is to absorb the impurities of the environment (industrial dust, foreign particles, road dust, etc).


For maximum filter performance need a large area, this requires developing a folding technique and filter geometry accurate and reliable. The filters are subject to different situations and conditions: moisture, chemicals, etc. Therefore essential high resistance of the filter, such as that offered by Air Filters Original Volkswagen-Audi.


  • Maximum efficiency in dust removal.
  • Excellent water absorption
  • They do not transmit vibrations or noise to the bodywork or adjacent parts


The Volkswagen-Audi braking system offers a wide performance in all its vehicles, it adapts with precision to each of its models and to all situations. The result is great functionality and excellent performance in terms of safety and wear resistance.


Brake discs and brake pads are the parts most subjected to workloads, so the friction surfaces have to be in perfect condition. The discs and the pads generate, to their use, the so-called braking torque, this transforms the kinetic energy into heat.


  • They generate an excellent coefficient of friction, which results in reduced braking distance.
  • It guarantees high braking performance even in the case of multiple braking.
  • Genuine Volkswagen-Audi brake pads are quiet, provide smoothness and a long service life.
  • Excellent thermal resistance of the braking system.
  • They provide the same braking intensity in both directions of disc rotation.
  • Good cleaning benefits.

Front windshield

To make traveling with your Volkswagen-Audi the most pleasant and safest the Original Volkswagen-Audi windshields provide the best protection in all types of weather conditions.


Throughout the entire manufacturing process of the vehicle, the windshields are subject to strict checking procedures based on Volkswagen-Audi regulations.


  • High cleaning capacity: the windshield wiper system and windshield are perfectly adapted to each other.
  • Less propensity to fissures, have a perfect adaptation of the relationships of tension and contraction of the different elements.
  • Visibility sharper.
  • Long service life and resistance to inclement weather.
  • Reduction of the heating of the interior cabin.
  • Reduction of external noise in the passenger compartment by means of a damping of the waves.
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