We are aware of the importance of keeping your vehicle in perfect condition, so we inform you about the guarantees that we put at your disposal and all its features.


They say that when you first meet something, the first impression is what counts. At Esteller Import we believe that each impression is unique and we want that feeling to always accompany you. That's why the moment you own a Volkswagen or an Audi, for the first two years, you won't have any repair costs.

All our vehicles come with a 2-year warranty against any manufacturing anomaly and with no mileage limit. We also offer a three-year bodywork warranty and a twelve-year anti-corrosion warranty.

For this to become effective it is necessary that it complies with the conditions and rules of the application of the guarantees and, above all, that it carries out the guidelines set out in the vehicle's Instructions Manual and, especially, the Technical Assistance Plan.

It is important that you know that labor and materials used for maintenance such as Inspection Service, oil or antifreeze changes, shock repairs and replacements due to normal wear and tear of the vehicle are excluded from the warranty.

In addition, damages caused by improper handling or use of the vehicle are relegated, such as:

Sports driving

Negligence in the use.

Placement of elements alien to the vehicle.

Repairs or defective handling carried out on the vehicle.

Transformation or modification of the vehicle

Warranty REPAIR

Every time you repair your vehicle in our official service you will get 2 year warranty on materials and workmanship

We only use Original Spare Parts, all the operations carried out have 2 years of guarantee in materials and labor. Ask for a previous budget without commitment and take advantage of our experience.

In our workshop we only work with Original Accessories, developed under the highest levels of demand.

We invest in the continuous training of our equipment through Volkswagen Audi Spain. In this way, you know that your vehicle is always in the hands of the best professionals.

We work exclusively with specific official equipment and tools.

Do not forget: the free workshops can not offer you the guarantees offered by an official workshop.

In addition, with Esteller Import, alternative transportation is always available.

We have extensive experience for ... more than 50 years at the service of the car, Being specialized in all these years in the brand Volkswagen-Aud Volkswagen, Audi, Vw Comerciales and SEAT

Only OFFICIAL SERVICES we offer you

2 YEARS OF WARRANTY ON REPAIRS (labor and materials). Unlike the 3 months or 2.000 kms that give the rest of unofficial workshops.

ORIGINAL MATERIAL: Parts specially designed for your vehicle, with the highest quality, and the support and technological commitment of our brands that ensure the durability of your vehicle.

TRAINING: All our personnel are continually training with levels of demand according to the high technological level of your vehicle and the regulations required by our brands.

KNOWLEDGE OF THE VEHICLE: Because not all vehicles are the same Who knows your vehicle better than us?

TECHNOLOGY AND LAST GENERATION COMPUTER PROGRAMS: Our companies have the latest technology in computer, technological and mechanical equipment.

ISO CERTIFICATION:All our companies have an ISO certificate that ensures the quality levels required by the European Union


We finance your repairs, accessories, insurance expansions, etc. CONSULT US.

We offer the best services and facilities to make you feel satisfied.

Near you have the best quality, experience, professionalism, knowledge, cutting-edge technology, equipment, qualified personnel, commitment, extensive infrastructure in our facilities, and above all we know how to listen to you because for you you are the most important.

Do not worry about your vehicle, we care about you.


12 years anti-corrosion warranty

Against corrosion drilling in the body, there is nothing more appropriate than 12 years warranty.

To enjoy this guarantee you must know that the damages due to:

External influences (for example, extreme environmental conditions).

Insufficient care

External damage and visible signs of corrosion that have not been eliminated in accordance with the instructions in the Vehicle Instructions Manual.

Warranty extension

The guarantee of the first day, during 5 years

Why settle for 2 years warranty? At Esteller Import we believe that, if the emotions experienced with your vehicle do not expire at this time, neither should the professional attention received. That is why, once again, we want to move forward and change the rules.

We present the Warranty extension, an extension of up to 5 years of the manufacturer's warranty that will provide you with exclusive advantages:

100% manufacturer warranty from 3 to 5 years, according to what you prefer. In addition, you can choose between different ranges of maximum mileage, from 30.000 to 150.000 kilometers.

Quality Audi and Volkswagen long-term and at a very advantageous price. Trust in our vehicles.

Risk coverage and cost control, which protects you against possible repairs or unexpected expenses. More tranquility and more kilometers without worries.

Personalization: wide possibilities to combine periods and kilometers to adapt to their habits and uses.

Revaluation of your Vehicle. Stability of the value of your Audi or VW as the Warranty Extension is linked to your vehicle even in case of sale.

How to buy it

It can be purchased at the moment of purchase, our sales department will inform you of everything necessary.

It provides the same coverage as the contractual guarantee and is 100% manufacturer's warranty.

You can choose between the following modalities: "2 + 1 Guarantee", "2 + 2 Guarantee" or "2 + 3 Guarantee", extending, in this way, the original guarantee in 1, 2 or 3 additional years up to a maximum of 150.000 km.

3, 4 or 5 years and the same tranquility of the first day.

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