Maintenance tips

Maintenance tips - used vehicles

Control indicators

Liquid temperature indicator refrigerRTEmagicC_testigo_control_01.jpgante, rev counter and fuel level.

Coolant temperature indicator

The temperature indicator works only with the ignition switched on. It is important to avoid a high rev rate until the indicator reaches the proper temperature, above the lower margin of the scale.

The front spoiler has the function of properly distributing the cooling air. If it is damaged, it can cause excessive engine heating. To avoid this, it is recommended that from Esteller Import SL, your Official Service Volkswagen-Audi let's review it

Rev counter

At a speed lower than 1500 rpm put a shorter gear. The revolution counter indicator should only remain for a few moments in the red zone, which indicates the maximum number of revolutions. In order not to remain in it, change to a longer gear, in case of manual change or decelerate and position the lever in «D», in case of automatic change.

RTEmagicC_nivel_combustible_01.jpgFuel level

Never drive to empty the fuel tank, as if it arrives irregularly to the engine without being properly burned, it can damage the catalytic converter.

Information system for the driver

General picture, indication of the gears, service interval indicator, red and yellow symbols.

When the external temperature is around + 4º, the ice indicator appears in the general table. This symbol only warns of the possibility that ice may form on the road.

Indication of the gears

The gear indicator is only designed to save fuel.
In normal driving conditions as well as in special driving conditions, be it overtaking, driving with a trailer, mountainous routes, ... it is up to you to decide which gear to engage.

Service interval indicator

You must take the vehicle for inspection within the stipulated periods even if the mileage is low. On the contrary, the capacities of your vehicle and its engine can be reduced.

Red and yellow symbols

The red symbols on the screen indicate the danger of priority 1. Additionally, an indication appears that explains the fault in more detail. When the symbol is displayed, three acoustic warning signals are issued successively. The warning will flash until the fault is eliminated.

The yellow symbols are a warning, they show anomalies of priority 2. Additionally, an indication appears that explains the fault in more detail. Pressing SET you can display it again when you want.


Central lock

Find out about its correct use

Maintenance tips Central locking

Wait for the vehicle to come to a complete stop. Removing the key from the contact before may cause a steering lock and a high risk of accident.

If the vehicle has been closed from the outside the anti-theft system is activated. If there is any person left inside, external help will be hindered in case of emergency.

Also from the command of the key of your vehicle you can perform several operations like, open all the windows at once, or close them.

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